We offer a flexible approach to resourcing attractive projects and making them successful. Our partnering strategy centers on tailoring each opportunity to the requirements and objectives of individual clients. And our experience is as diverse as those with whom we partner. 


Focused Industries

Energy & Utilities




Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Proven Technology and Innovation



We look for undiscovered and undervalued opportunities in Frontier Markets from Central Asia to South America, Africa to the Far East.



We have access to unique alpha-generating opportunities via both debt and equity positions, and have extensive experience structuring and leading transactions.


Investment Size & Structure

$5 to $50 Million Target Investment

Willingness to Co-invest

Control & Minority Transactions

Flexible Capital Structure (Subordinated Debt and Preferred Equity)

In-Country Structured Legal Entity



Preferred Company Characteristics

Privately Held

Frontier Based

Experienced Management Teams

Early to Mid Stage Companies


Value creation is the core of our business, so we seek out the most attractive countries, business sectors, and projects to generate profitable investment opportunities, led by strong management teams.



We offer a flexible financial resourcing approach designed to uniquely match the requirements for creative opportunities.


Resourcing Types

Growth Capital

Acquisition Financing

Shareholder Liquidity


Management Buyouts